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UK technology firms want ‘digital Cabinet minister’ to represent industry

A group representing the UK’s major technology firms has urged the government to install a cabinet level ‘digital minister’ to represent the industry. 

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Britain faces increasing digital skills shortage, says taskforce report

Britain is facing an increasing shortage of digital skills, according to a new report published today by the UK Digital Skills Taskforce.

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UK consumers pay more for electronic goods and gadgets than those inUS

Consumers in the UK are paying far more than those in the US for the same elctronic gadgets, according to new research from Which?.

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Britons spend seven hours a day on gadgets – and that’s excluding time at the office

People in Britain spend almost seven hours each day using gadgets and domestic appliances outside of their working hours, according to new research.

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Keil Hubert: Plotting a New Course

The adoption of new technologies often threatens to eliminate jobs. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert argues that good employees are fundamentally indispensable even if some aspects of their jobs do get delegated to new bits of kit.

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Thinking outside the Döner box

Business Technology’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert is exploring rural Germany, where he muses on what lessons we can all take from immigrant cuisine, Internet connections and Angry Birds.

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Hats and hat infrastructure

It rained quite a bit in Edinburgh this last weekend, inspiring Keil Hubert to consider the related businesses of gentlemen’s hats, diesel engines, purchase cards and chicken coops.

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Exotic and Wonderful Things

Business Technology’s US ‘blogger Keil Hubert is wandering the streets of Edinburgh, gawking at all the cool tech that we Europeans have … and that Americans can’t get.

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High Tea leadership

Technology leadership is a difficult concept for some people. Keil Hubert tries to explain what it is and why it’s necessary. It’s no secret that I’ll be changing employers over the course of the next year. I’ve known for years that my current contract couldn’t extended, no matter how much my current boss might wish [...]

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Grounds for Dismissal 4: Binding Chords

Keil Hubert, Biz Tech’s US blogger, looks this week at an unconventional approach to employee satisfaction: allowing them to install large speaker units and play music across the office… When I first started sketching the opening piece for this series – ‘Ground For Dismissal’ – I knew that I’d probably strike a nerve with some [...]

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