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Keil Hubert: Prognostication Part 2 (Of Seers and Siri)

It’s often difficult explaining to upper management that you can’t accurately predict the future. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert offers you a metaphor that seems to effectively get the point across.

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Keil Hubert: The Folly of Prognostication

Most IT solutions fail at some point due to unforeseen complications.  Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert argues that it’s irrational to expect IT people to be able to accurately predict the future when it comes to technology.

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Keil Hubert: BMP and Grind

When the world doesn’t function the way you think it ought to, anxiety builds. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert ponders why it’s so easy to get vexed over a trivial file processing error.

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Leaving Siri speechless

Business Technology’s US ‘blogger Keil Hubert has returned to Edinburgh, and weighs whether or not to use a smart phone to find your way around a strange city.

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Practical Interviewing Techniques (Part 3)

This week’s column follows directly from Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. The premise I submitted back in August was straightforward: as the hiring manager responsible for selecting the best-qualified IT professional for an internal vacancy, how can you be sure that your selection is truly the best out of all the available [...]

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