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Keep the lid on leaks

Whether accidental or deliberate, data loss causes major headaches, so a rigorous – and regularly updated – protection strategy is vital Data leaks and losses have been with us since the earliest days of PCs in the 1980s. The good news is that solutions to data leaks and losses have also been available to PC [...]

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In hot pursuit of mal practice

Constantly reinventing itself, malware is a persistent thorn in the side of all IT users but there are a number of ways to combat it Malware – malicious software designed to access a computer system without the owner’s informed consent – has been around for three decades but today’s incarnation is far more agile and [...]

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Are smartphones your weakest link?

The PC in your pocket is a boon for business people on the move but it needs the same if not greater protection as your office-based technology It has been estimated that around a quarter of mobile phone users have a smartphone, essentially a microcomputer handset in their pocket or handbag that can make and [...]

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