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Keil Hubert: Doomsday Protocols

Did anyone in your office panic about the newly-revealed ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerability? Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert suggests that panic is completely unwarranted … and is symptomatic of a much larger cyber security problem.

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Keil Hubert: Greater Expectations

Telling your employees what you expect of them is darned important. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert suggests that telling your managers what you expect is even more important.

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Keil Hubert: Great Expectations

Clever employees will always find loopholes in your defence measures. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert argues that stopping employee misbehaviour is better accomplished through clear expectations rather than trying to block specific activities.

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Keil Hubert: Focused Vision Statement

When it comes to setting cyber security policy, what factor is most important to you? Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert was recently asked by an American university for his opinion.

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Keil Hubert: Pushed Under the Bus

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if you treat customers like vermin. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert discusses why it’s critical to demonstrate sincere respect for both your customers and your employees.

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U R SO HOT #CareerSuicide

Social networking can be a powerful tool to raise brand awareness. Keil Hubert suggests that unfiltered social networking can easily do more harm than good. We’re always being watched. This should not come as a surprise. This morning, I drove my youngest down to the grocer’s to take part in a fundraising event for his [...]

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Cross-Cultural Confusion

It’s the holiday season in the USA while I type this. I’ve always found this time of year to be just a bit annoying, because the holidays get in the way of work. Workaholic: A recent picture of your correspondent… The winter holidays are just a wee bit different out here than they are in [...]

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Half-Life (Office Edition)

My PlayStation 3 died this month. It wasn’t a spectacular death; it just burned itself up, taking with it several years of saved games in a whiff of overheated solder and plastic. Irritating, but not insurmountable; when an machine finally burns up, you pitch it in the skip and order a new one from Amazon. [...]

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Technique, Not Technology

Please note that this week’s is going to be a shorter column than usual. After putting in twenty-two hours of work over this last weekend, I’m a bit crispy ‘round the edges this morning. So, if you don’t mind, straight to the point. Sharp: OK, maybe not this kind of point. I ended my column [...]

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The Spy Who Patched Me

I mentioned a few weeks’ back that I took the family out to see the newest Bond adventure. That inspired my oldest to re-watch all 22 of the Bond films in order, from start to finish. Like all the rest of us, my oldest has found the transition from Connery’s Bond to Moore’s Bond to [...]

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