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Keil Hubert: Fountain of Couth

The effectiveness of your IT department is derived from the employees’ sense of esprit de corps. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert discusses how the application of very simple office technology can grow your team members’ sense of belonging.

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Technique, Not Technology

Please note that this week’s is going to be a shorter column than usual. After putting in twenty-two hours of work over this last weekend, I’m a bit crispy ‘round the edges this morning. So, if you don’t mind, straight to the point. Sharp: OK, maybe not this kind of point. I ended my column [...]

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To Protect and Servo

I asked Gareth, my mate over at Lyonsdown, what he’d like this week’s ‘blog topic to cover, and he surprised me by firing back:             “For the next column, would you mind writing something for us that relates to Microelectronics?” He caught me a bit off-guard with that. In true Texan form [1], I clumsily [...]

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Grounds for Dismissal: Duct and Cover

Business Technology’s resident US blogger Keil Hubert takes a sideways look at a critical piece of office tech often overlooked by workers and managers alike: the air conditioning. All of last week’s chatter about the elements of business technology that we take for granted triggered an interesting sequence of ideas for me. I’ve noticed around [...]

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Grounds For Dismissal

My last two columns were deadly serious. To balance things out, I wanted to throttle back a bit for this week’s column. While sketching ideas for a suitable topic, a hyperlink to this story dropped into my inbox: “A group of engineers who previously worked at Apple and NASA created an $11,111 coffee maker that [...]

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