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The City of London police to tackle piracy with banners on suspect websites

City of London police have begun placing banner adverts on websites suspected of piracy.

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UK business security breaches fall, but costs double

Businesses in the UK have seen a drop in the number of security breaches reported over the last year, but an increase in the cost in dealing with incidents, according to a report.

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Keil Hubert: Plotting a New Course

The adoption of new technologies often threatens to eliminate jobs. Business Technology’s resident U.S. blogger Keil Hubert argues that good employees are fundamentally indispensable even if some aspects of their jobs do get delegated to new bits of kit.

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Gender roles and responsibilities

Business Technology’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert picks up on an argument made this week in our sister publication Business Reporter.

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High Tea leadership

Technology leadership is a difficult concept for some people. Keil Hubert tries to explain what it is and why it’s necessary. It’s no secret that I’ll be changing employers over the course of the next year. I’ve known for years that my current contract couldn’t extended, no matter how much my current boss might wish [...]

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The World is Round

Is it hackneyed to use the Flat Earth meme to illustrate how worldviews (literally, in this case) can change dramatically over time? Maybe – bear with me on this… Consensus: educated people accept that the world is not flat. Educated people have known that the world was round, at least back to the time of [...]

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Grounds for Dismissal 4: Binding Chords

Keil Hubert, Biz Tech’s US blogger, looks this week at an unconventional approach to employee satisfaction: allowing them to install large speaker units and play music across the office… When I first started sketching the opening piece for this series – ‘Ground For Dismissal’ – I knew that I’d probably strike a nerve with some [...]

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Grounds for Dismissal: Duct and Cover

Business Technology’s resident US blogger Keil Hubert takes a sideways look at a critical piece of office tech often overlooked by workers and managers alike: the air conditioning. All of last week’s chatter about the elements of business technology that we take for granted triggered an interesting sequence of ideas for me. I’ve noticed around [...]

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Grounds For Dismissal

My last two columns were deadly serious. To balance things out, I wanted to throttle back a bit for this week’s column. While sketching ideas for a suitable topic, a hyperlink to this story dropped into my inbox: “A group of engineers who previously worked at Apple and NASA created an $11,111 coffee maker that [...]

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Delivering digital success

What can businesses learn from the successes and failures of e-government programmes? The public and private sectors can be seen as too different from each other to share lessons effectively.Discussions about common e-commerce terms such as conversion rates, loyalty and cost-per-click either come across badly or are not relevant for the public sector. Electronically delivered [...]

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