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Smashing Opportunities

As the media tell us that jobs are vanishing into thin air, Keil Hubert looks at how people’s adaptation will make everything work out in the end. Doomsday: Perhaps the Fiscal Apocalypse isn’t as close as some people suggest It’s dawn on a Saturday morning while I type this week’s column. I haven’t bothered looking [...]

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Chapter and Verse

The boss has been texting me all morning. It’s Sunday, and while most people in my neighborhood are still asleep, enjoying their day off, I’ve come to expect that these unscheduled work conversations can start anytime. It’s predictable: the boss is off somewhere, doing important things, gets inspired to discuss some aspect of work, and grabs his [...]

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Practical Interviewing Techniques (Part 3)

This week’s column follows directly from Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. The premise I submitted back in August was straightforward: as the hiring manager responsible for selecting the best-qualified IT professional for an internal vacancy, how can you be sure that your selection is truly the best out of all the available [...]

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