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Call Centres

Contact centres have worked hard to shake off a reputation for indifferent customer service aided by technology and understanding of what makes customers tick. By recruiting staff with the right skills and giving them support, employers can turn contact centre agents into loyal and effective brand advocates. Distributed with The Daily Telegraph

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Will the rise of digital healthcare mean more time with patients and less time chasing records? While innovation remains key to better healthcare, so does the adoption of the infrastructure of technology, as well as the acceptance of its standardisation across the NHS. Can eHealth win over the sceptics? Distributed with The Sunday Telegraph

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Information Security

We are all aware of the potential threats that conducting business electronically can introduce. For this reason, it is vital that businesses properly assess their risks, constantly monitor and review their anti-virus, firewall and password protocols, and ensure that all programs comply with data protection. Information security is a complex process that must be addressed [...]

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