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#TEISS15: ‘Give consumers back control over their digital lives’

Technology companies should hand consumers back ‘control over their digital lives’, according to a privacy and information security expert.

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Measure by measure: Algorithmic regulation is an idea whose time has come

Before he made Star Wars, George Lucas directed a sci-fi thriller about a couple fleeing from a blank robotic future. Right at the film’s climax, the robot police call off their manhunt because it has exceeded its budget allocation.

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Big brother is watching you – the future of citizens’ interaction with E-government

Rather than a telescreen sinisterly watching you from the corner, the future will be about citizens communicating with government through the screen.

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#TEISS15: Cyber security of growing importance to businesses

There is no doubt that the focus on cyber security is growing. With high-profile cases like the recent celebrity nude photo leak dominating headlines the safety of data and customer privacy is perhaps under more scrutiny than ever before.

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Samsung KNOX update is ‘step forward’ for Android in the enterprise

Samsung’s KNOX enterprise mobility management solution is set for an update this week to provide new features to businesses adjusting to accommodate Bring Your Own Device and Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled policies.

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Infographic: Smart technology origin stories, from fiction to reality

Have you ever stopped to think for a moment and realised that much of the technology we use on a daily basis today looks very similar to things we’ve seen in science fiction?

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Optimise your business’s app to find success even as download rates fall

Apps may seem an irreplaceable part of modern life – we use them to keep up with friends, stay fit, and get around our cities – but research shows that download numbers are falling.

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You’ll never watch alone: How Liverpool FC connects with its fans around the world

Liverpool, under the impressive management of Brendan Rodgers, ran out to take on Southampton last Sunday in their opening match of the Barclays Premier League season with the eyes of the world on them.

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Making waves: ‘Ever since I blew up the family radio, somehow I loved electronics’

Anthony Rose tells Joanne Frearson how a childhood blowing up radios inspired him

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Getting on the Tube: How to produce video content that will go viral

When it comes to getting your brand across, going viral is the marketer’s holy grail. Dave Baxter talks to the experts.

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