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Skills shortage tears holes in government security

Government IT departments are struggling to find enough cyber-security experts to work in Whitehall.

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Legacy technology stopping departments from reaching their full potential

Digital government is being “paralysed” by legacy IT systems and contracts with big IT companies, according to one government adviser.

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Many countries failing to hit EU E-government targets

Although the EU predicts a fully operational E-government system by 2050, many countries have so far failed to hit targets.

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Measure by measure: Algorithmic regulation is an idea whose time has come

Before he made Star Wars, George Lucas directed a sci-fi thriller about a couple fleeing from a blank robotic future. Right at the film’s climax, the robot police call off their manhunt because it has exceeded its budget allocation.

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Local services are lagging, says MP Onwurah

The government has largely ignored local digital government in favour of central E-government, says shadow Cabinet Office minister Chi Onwurah.

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Estonia shows the way for Ukraine

Estonia is funding E-government in western Ukraine despite the turmoil elsewhere in the country.

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Blazing the E-government trail in Singapore

For a country that has a reputation for controlling its population, Singapore has certainly embraced the concept of transparent digital government.

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Big brother is watching you – the future of citizens’ interaction with E-government

Rather than a telescreen sinisterly watching you from the corner, the future will be about citizens communicating with government through the screen.

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Labour calls on UK technology firms to become next Google

A Labour government would help UK technology companies become “the next Google”, says shadow business minister Iain Wright.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Small firms must be more cyber security aware,’ says Vince Cable

Business secretary Vince Cable has warned that small companies are not doing enough to protect themselves against cyber attacks.

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