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After the celebrity photo scandal, can you trust the cloud?

The recent thefts of celebrity photos from their smartphones have left many concerned over whether the cloud is safe.

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Deloitte: Cloud boost for small and medium-sized businesses

On average, small and medium businesses (SMBs) using cloud technology to overcome their growth challenges grow 26 per cent faster and deliver 21 per cent higher gross profits, according to research by Deloitte.

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#MCS2014: Can digital brands beat publishers at their own game?

One of the expert panels at The Mobile Content Summit 2014 discussed whether brands can beat publishers at their own game.

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Chic and Cheerful: Why Rackspace’s CTO is excited about the cloud

Nigel Beighton, UK CTO of Rackspace, is comparing cloud computing to a brand of perfume – specifically, one called Cheap & Chic Light Clouds by Moschino.

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#MCS2014: Mobile and video are ‘a great match’ for your business

Video and mobile are a great match for each other and should be part of any business’s content strategy, according to an industry expert speaking at The Mobile Content Summit 2014.

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Outsourcing to the cloud saved Blinkbox money and boosted efficiency

The next time you are watching online movie service Blinkbox, you may be unaware it uses a cloud environment to be able to provide films to your Smart TV or devices efficiently.

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#MCS2014: ‘Start earning the right to make money’ in the digital world

“Just because you made something there is no reason for anyone to give you any money,” Nicholas Lovell, author of The Curve, told The Mobile Content Summit 2014. ”You need to start earning the right to make money.”

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Google’s Ben Fried: ‘My mission is to unite work and personal lives’

It’s 9.30am in New York, where Ben Fried, CIO of Google, is based, and he’s already telling me it’s a bit too early to make jokes about the weather and the clouds.

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#MCS2014: Embrace app store optimisation to attract mobile customers

To increase mobile app downloads and earn better rankings it is important for firms to choose the correct keywords and optimise their app store entries.

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Cloud delivers €160 billion boost to European Union economy

Cloud computing is expected to add around €160billion to the EU’s GDP in 2020. By the end of 2015 around 70 per cent of all businesses will use cloud computing, while some 925,500 direct and indirect jobs will be created by the adoption of public and private cloud by 2016.

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