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Business Technology brings you news, features, opinion and analysis around the critical issues affecting IT and communications. Here you’ll discover vital information written in clear language and aimed at business leaders who want to see the big picture.

We interpret the latest developments in business information and communications technology, and explain how they could impact your organisation. You’ll find news, in-depth features, interviews and analysis that helps you keep up-to-date with developments, understand the critical issues and ask the right questions.

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The material on our websites is primarily created for use in some of the UK and Europe’s most prestigious broadsheet newspapers: publications such as The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Times.

On the website we expand on our articles, add more depth, more insight and more analysis. Our readers are able to comment on what they read, engage in debate and provide feedback. Our aim is to add value to the material that appears in the newspapers we serve.

Trusted information

The articles you will find on this site are also published in quality broadsheet newspapers, so you know they are written with integrity, based on thorough research, and created by informed and trained journalists and editors, as well as experts, academics and leading business thinkers.

You can trust the information and rely on the site to bring you inspiring stories, insight and invaluable information, all packaged within professional and effective design.

Brought to you by business specialists

The content on the Business Technology website is brought to you by Lyonsdown, a London-based media company which specialises in producing editorial for use in national broadsheet newspapers. We also run prestigious events and provide a range of bespoke services. You can find out more about Lyonsdown here.

Lyonsdown publishes content on a range of additional sites, covering more areas of life and business:

  • Business Reporter – essential information about finance, investing and business management
  • Eco Report – how businesses can both help the environment and improve efficiency
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