The future: Mind reading made easy – tapping into the gold mine

For years, businesses have been trying to anticipate customer needs and identify buying habits in order to get and stay ahead of the competition; not an easy task.

But what if you could read the minds of your customers, or better still, knew what they were thinking before they even thought it? Well, cloud-based business intelligence (BI) software makes that a possibility, and it’s exactly why sales-i was created.

Driven by the demand for more efficient and successful ways of selling, sales-i helps businesses of all shapes and sizes make sense of the huge amounts of customer data, which, prior to sales-i, they were storing, but not using productively, if at all. With the right tools to make sense of it, however, this data becomes an absolute goldmine of new opportunities.

Simply put, a BI system proactively analyses customers’ buying behaviour, alerting salespeople to upcoming selling opportunities. It will tell the salesperson when a customer’s monthly spend is down, or notify them if a customer is not buying something that they should be, so they know when to pick up the phone and, more importantly, exactly how to direct the conversation.


The beauty of sales-i is that, thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, businesses can access their data anywhere, at anytime, and even store and backup documents within the system, accessible to anyone with a username, password and internet connection. Most salespeople aren’t chained to their desks; they are out in the field meeting and greeting customers and prospects. So a cloud-based system was the only viable option for sales-i, enabling users to access timely information remotely, from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Leading UK automotive tool supplier, Sykes-Pickavant has been using sales-i since 2008 to reinforce its outstanding reputation for quality and service. Managing director Paul Archer says: “sales-i keeps us fully abreast of our customer buying patterns, any changes in their buying behaviour and any areas where improvements can be made.

“This can all be done from the comfort of the customer’s office, workshop or showroom floor, without any disruption to their business thanks to the cloud-based nature of sales-i.”

Paul Black is CEO of sales-i
0800 0124 669