My view: Why hybrid may be the best option

My view on cloud begins by discrediting one of its biggest myths.

easynetEnterprises are led to think all types of cloud are a cheaper alternative to hosting their data on-premises.

While this is often the case, there are many instances when a dedicated environment provides the lowest cost solution. Certainly, you can buy cloud storage cheaply from a host (pardon the pun) of providers, but businesses need to check the small print. A mix of private and public cloud often provides the ideal solution, enabling enterprises to optimise their agility from a performance, security and cost perspective.

Businesses evolve, and cloud services should be fluid and move with an organisation to meet its ever-changing needs. They should be able to select the right type of cloud for their applications or needs, balancing cost savings, performance, security and compliance. They should be able to choose where data is stored and where it is supported. And they should receive a service from qualified engineers, not an automated service, but real people who speak their language and understand their business.  At Easynet we call this hybrid by design – the ultimate in pick’n’mix cloud.

Phil Grannum is MD, hosting, UC and cloud at Easynet.

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