Meeting the demands of the modern workforce

The portfolio career has arrived.

Globally, skilled workers are choosing to work for multiple companies at once – the notion of a career for life has long gone. These kinds of shifts are creating opportunities for progressive organisations to redesign HR to cope with the realities of the modern workforce, and they are turning to the cloud.

According to recent PwC research*, many HR professionals don’t believe they’re prepared for meeting the needs of a workforce that demands more freedom and flexibility, a view shared by many CEOs. Often, part of the underlying problem is that their people management systems are simply not up to the job of supporting change.

Many HR systems are pre-cloud, on-premises, and only automate parts of the workflows necessary to manage modern work styles. Consequently, HR teams are overwhelmed by low value, boring, manual tasks, using email and attachments to patch up processes, and spreadsheets to aggregate information in an attempt to produce the information necessary for management. HR leaders are frequently trapped overseeing this work, rather than using real-time workforce information to participate in strategic decision making.

Now, however, there is a new breed of cloud-based software that can help transform the workforce experience, from acquiring and onboarding, to engaging, managing, developing and at some point, off-boarding people. This end-to-end set of global services is accessible from any device, and implemented in a matter of weeks (not months). Delivering an ROI almost immediately, HR leaders now have the means to focus on more strategic, 21st-century workforce matters that drive growth, scale business and gain a seat in the C-suite.

*PwC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey

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