#MCS2014: ‘Start earning the right to make money’ in the digital world

“Just because you made something there is no reason for anyone to give you any money,” Nicholas Lovell, author of The Curve, told The Mobile Content Summit 2014. ”You need to start earning the right to make money.”


‘Freemium’ is a big trend in the modern video games industry, with many titles available as free-to-download apps. Although a game might be initially offered for free, Lovell said it is still possible to make money from it.

28 of the top 30 game apps are free. For example, 300 million people will have played Candy Crush Saga in the last 30 days and it made $1.5 billion in revenue last year, but the game is free to download and start playing.

Lovell said: “Understand what your audience values, earn the right to talk to them and give them something for free that they value.”

This will enable the ‘superfans’ that will then start to spend money on other things they value. Lovell believes everyone can be a potential convert if you give them something they value.

He explains the rock band Nine Inch Nails do this by giving their ordinary material to record stores and reserving the good stuff for their website, which their ‘superfans’ buy.

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