#MCS2014: Mobile is ‘in Twitter’s DNA’ and vital to all of its products

People get so distracted by their phones that they walk into lampposts, according to Georgina Parnell, lead account executive at Twitter UK.


Padded lampposts are being considered to protect people during the lapses, which Parnell told the audience at The Mobile Content Summit are are consequence of an obsession with mobile that see people check their mobiles over 100 times in a 24-hour period.

Mobile is “in Twitter’s DNA”, Parnell said, adding that 80 per cent of people use it on their devices. It is vital every single product it develops can be used with these devices.

Using Twitter on mobile can also be an opportunity for brands to more accurately target customers with their services. Parnell said: “If companies target everyday moments through Twitter, it is fantastic opportunity for brands.”

Brands can generate leads from tweets and apps can be installed directly within them. Many brands have been fast to adopt this.

For example, dating site Lovoo saw a 95.4 per cent increase in registrations through using Twitter as part of its marketing strategy. Ben & Jerry’s saw a 61 per cent increase in mentions when it combined its Twitter campaign with a reference to The X Factor.

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