Digital careers should be encouraged ‘beyond the school gates’, says report

Children should be encouraged to code and explore technology outside of school hours, according to a report on digital careers in the United Kingdom.

Events like MozFest 2013 can help to inspire children to explore how technology works (Matt Alexander/PA Wire)

Events like MozFest 2013 can help to inspire children to explore how technology works (Matt Alexander / PA Wire)

The Nominet Trust’s study, Digital Learning – A State of the Art Report, says that although the introduction of coding in the classroom is a positive step, more needs to be done to encourage kids to learn how technology works in their own time.

The report said that learning experiences outside of school are “highly influential” and that the skills learned are important in a broader social context beyond employability.

It also recommended that a better explanation of the digital careers available now and in the future could help young people to understand the skills needed for employment.

“While there has been a lot of activity and policy geared towards equipping young people with digital skills, which are expected to be important for future jobs, we have little understanding of the link between how young people learn to use digital technology and the careers they will eventually pursue when they leave education,” it said.

The report added that parents, schools and employers should acknowledge young people’s digital pursuits as relevant and encourage their entrepreneurial sides.

It was based upon 40 in-depth interviews with young people across England and Scotland.

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