#MCS2014: ‘The experience must be intuitive and of benefit to the customer’

Automotive companies face a unique set of challenges to create smooth and consistent customer experiences for in-car user interfaces, according to an industry expert.

David Turner

David Turner, infotainment engineer at Bentley Motors

Speaking to Business Technology ahead of The Mobile Content Summit 2014, Bentley Motors infotainment engineer David Turner said while firms may have brand guidelines relating to media communications and their websites, they are not always relevant to UI design.

“This is generally designed as a collaboration between the human-machine interface engineers and the styling department,” he said. ”It has a very specific set of requirements including driver distraction considerations, multiple character set support, colour and design schemes that match the vehicle, and also prerequisites based on the technical capabilities of the infotainment system.”

Turner added that companies must understand how mobile and connectivity functions should work for their brands and comprehensively analyse their impact on customer and business processes.

“The whole experience must be intuitive, unobtrusive and ultimately of benefit to the customer,” he told Business Technology. “The worst mistakes in my opinion are to bombard [users] with adverts and brand communications, pop-ups, app store rating requests, require multiple passwords, and to include complicated set-up or activation routines.

“Any of these features would lead me to lose interest in a brand very quickly.”

See Bentley Motors’ David Turner speak alongside other industry leaders at The Mobile Content Summit 2014, this Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.

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