Europe launches first cyber security-focused fund

C5 Capital is to launch the first cyber security-focused fund in Europe, as concerns about leaks and digital technology securities grow, according to the Financial Times.

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The London-based asset manager is raising $125 million for a fund to help boost European cyber security businesses, which it expects to close in the next few weeks. It has already made its first two investments.

It announced an $8 million investment in Balabit, a company that specialises in detecting threats, protecting against employees and contractors stealing data from computer networks. It works by creating algorithms of data and technology use, which will throw up patterns when unusual activity occurs.

These concerns have risen in light of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programme leaks last year, which has led to the development of European security products which carry an advantage in the market.

Nazo Moosa, co-founder and managing partner of C5 Capital, said: “Saying something was German-made became really relevant in the security sector. It is counter positioning, if you like.”

So far, security companies have been limited to the US, but since the leaks more and more have sprung up in Europe and other areas around the world.

The global information security sector is a $67bn market according to research firm Gartner, and is forecast to grow as attacks become more common.

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  • Matt

    Great article and great news. I find there is a lack of skilled individuals to tackle cyber security, which seems mad, considering is a big market place. Matt – Landesk