A quarter of internet traffic now comes from mobile

Mobile data traffic now accounts for a quarter of all internet traffic, with video a key driver of this growth, according to statistics from KPCB.

© Highways Agency (CC BY 2.0) Cropped

© Highways Agency (CC BY 2.0) Cropped

There has also been a 52 percent increase in the unit growth of tablets and a 20 percent increase in smartphone subscribers. Smartphone users now account for more than 30 percent of all mobile phone users globally.

Mobile usage continues to rise rapidly, and now accounts for 25 percent of total web usage. Breaking this down, the highest percentage of mobile web users are in Asia and Africa.

In terms of handsets, Android has the biggest percentage of the smartphone operating system market in 2013, followed by iOs and then Windows Phones.

Global internet advertising has increased again this year to around $116 billion, a 16 percent year on year growth. Print ad spend declines, while radio and TV remained around the same levels. Mobile grew in both total advertising spend and time spent with the medium of mobile.

As for the app market, it still is far ahead of the monetization of mobile advertising revenue, with mobile apps accounting for 68 percent of mobile revenue.

In terms of cyber security, the number of active threat groups are rising rapidly and are currently estimated at around 300. The number of networks that have been compromised by cyber attack were up by 95 percent last year, and as mobile platforms grow, these attacks are expected to rise.

For more information, see the KCPB website.

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