$300 ‘ransom’ DDoS attackers strike again

An anonymous Israeli company has been targeted by hackers demanding $300 to stop a DDoS attack that left users unable to access their accounts for days.

The firm, which The Times of Israel identified as ‘a well-known web platform that has users around the world‘, wishes to remain anonymous to avoid becoming a target for future attacks.

It received an email demanding $300 to stop the incident, like social site Meetup did when it suffered outages due to an attack at the end of February.

A source told The Times: “This was the first time we experienced an attack like this, and to my knowledge it was one of the fiercest DDoS attacks ever perpetrated.

“You can’t pay off criminals. If they know they can get away with it they will be back again and again. Sooner or later you have to fight back, and we chose to do it sooner than later.”

Meetup also refused to negotiate with the attackers and managed to get its site up and running again after days of intermittent troubles.

“While the site was down, the community was not,” CEO Scott Heiferman said at the time.

“There were over 60,000 Meetups during the outage period – people meeting up about what’s important in their lives – and saw an incredible outpouring of support.”

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