Businesses ‘waste £2.4 billion per year’ on travel connectivity

European business are overspending by 50% and wasting £2.4 billion per year on unmanaged connectivity charges for business travellers, according to a report.


iPass’ WiFi Cost Index study found that an average of £73.91 was spent on connectivity on a trip within Europe, £128.73 was spent when visiting the USA, and £138.56 was spent per trip in Asia.

In 2012, a total of £4.8 billion was spent to get European business travellers online – a figure that could be reduced to £2.4 billion per year using a global WiFi network.

iPass VP EMEA Rene Hendrikse said: “Mobile working has become ingrained in the fabric of many businesses, yet even in today’s cost-cutting environment, businesses are wasting money unnecessarily by failing to manage connectivity services and costs for their business travellers when working abroad.

“Business travellers expect connectivity across multiple devices, wherever they go, in order to work productively. Failure to see connectivity as an essential part of business travel is badly bruising business’ wallets.”

For more on the report, see the iPass website.

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