In focus: Putting more life in your battery

Nujira is the world leader in Envelope Tracking (ET), a disruptive new power supply technology which is transforming the performance of 4G smartphones.


Today’s smartphones squeeze ever increasing amounts of computing power into our pocket. But one thing which hasn’t improved is battery life – charging up your phone is now an important daily ritual.

As wireless networks evolve to faster 4G and 5G standards, a hidden downside is that the transmitter in your phone is becoming far less efficient, wasting up to 90 per cent of the energy as heat. Nujira’s ET chips solve this problem by improving the energy efficiency of the wireless transmitter – extending battery life, boosting data rates, and improving signal strength.

A classic Cambridge start-up, Nujira was started by Tim Haynes in his garage in 2002. Today the venture-backed company employs 60 people, has more than 200 patents, and is recognised as the modern pioneer of ET technology.

Originally developed in the 1930s, the principles of Envelope Tracking lay forgotten for 70 years. Nujira rediscovered the technology and set about the task of commercialising it for 3G and 4G. When integrated into a smartphone, Nujira’s tiny Coolteq chip can boost battery life by 25 per cent or more.

With ET set to be universally adopted by the smartphone industry, and a potential market of four billion units a year, Nujira is working with major industry players to bring the benefits of ET to every smartphone.

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