Big data starts with little data

Businesses expecting to benefit from connected devices, reveals new report

p4Some 75 per cent of C-suite business leaders are actively researching opportunities created by the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a comprehensive new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, The Internet of Things Business Index: A Quiet Revolution Gathers Pace, sponsored by ARM.

The report also reveals that 30 per cent of business leaders expect the Internet of Things to unlock new revenue opportunities, inspire new working practices (29 per cent) and fundamentally impact their operating model (23 per cent).

“ARM will play a significant role in the future of IoT,” said ARM CEO Simon Segars. “By connecting the next 30 billion devices, the ARM ecosystem will transform the lives of people everywhere. The devices will deliver trillions of pieces of information, and from these individual elements of little data we will build the big data picture. This is where you
begin to realise the true potential of the Internet of Things, with the connection and management of key city infrastructure, health services, environment, and education systems.”

The implementation of common standards will be paramount in enabling communication between billions of connected devices. Cross-industry collaboration is essential to success, encouraging standards that will avoid the so-called “Internet of Silos” where data is created, but not shared among service providers to benefit the user. Only by removing data silos and establishing common standards will the IoT achieve the scale needed to operate across all markets successfully.

The Internet of Things Business Index: A Quiet Revolution Gathers Pace is free to download on the ARM Connected Community at


Simon Segars (above) is CEO, ARM