73% of UK businesses have no formal BYOD policy or support

Nearly three quarters of UK businesses have no formal Bring Your Own Device policy or support structure, according to a report.


73% of companies in Accellion’s survey admitted that they have no BYOD rules, and a quarter still permit users to find and use their own digital tools.

EMEA managing director Paul Steiner said: “Despite months of headlines related to the NSA PRISM program, businesses are operating a laissez faire approach to the security of their data in the cloud.

“Dealing with the whirlwind pace of mobile innovation is not just a security challenge for IT, it demands board-level scrutiny. Employees are now savvy enough technologically to seek out their own solutions, but then businesses must deal with the fallout when these solutions cause security breaches.”

A third of businesses are without an approved secure file sharing service, and 22% encourage users to use ad hoc solutions like Dropbox.

46% of UK companies use consumer-grade file sharing tools for work, compared to three quarters of businesses across the rest of Europe.

For more on the study, see the Accellion website.

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