Me and my tech: Diane Modahl

Former international athlete Diane Modahl now spends her days combining technology, sport and education to light the spark in the country’s future champions, inspiring and nurturing young people’s talent through the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF).


The charity, set up by the Manchester-born Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist in 2010, is committed to inspiring potential in people of all skill levels, as well as the champions of tomorrow, particularly those from some of the North West’s most deprived areas.

From the running track to the sofa at home, technology is never far from Diane’s hand.

What are your must-have technologies?

My phone’s essential, simply because it is a one-stop shop. With it, I can speak with my friends and find out what’s happening in the world of sport.  Obviously, it is useful for work, but I love that I can use it to take some gorgeous pictures of my children and upload them straight away. My PC is so important for work. We’ve just held our inaugural City Of Champions event and without my computer, my team and I wouldn’t have been able to make the event such a success. The event saw us induct our founding champion, Sir Chris Hoy, into the City Of Champions Hall Of Fame. It also gave us an opportunity to ensure that Manchester is set up to continue its sporting heritage, supporting the next generation of champions across the North West and enabling them to make the most of themselves in sport, school and life.

Finally, I couldn’t live without my stopwatch. It’s been my best buddy since the age of 15, when I got my first stopwatch to time my runs. Any athlete knows that it’s a crucial part of their preparation. I still need my stopwatch now, even though I am retired.

What sort of things do you use technology for most?

I use technology mainly to talk to people on the phone and for work, but I also use technology to chill out and relax. My guilty pleasure at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed, is to pick up my phone or iPad to browse fashion websites and look at all of the outfits and trends.

What’s the biggest benefit of having technology at your fingertips?

It is brilliant having so much technology on hand. It’s crucial because it has played such an important part in my life. But recently I spent some time on holiday with no access to the internet or phone signal and it was fantastic! Having said that, although it was refreshing to have that space without my technology, I eventually really needed to get on my phone and check everything.

If you could have only one piece of tech, what would it be?

I’d have to have two, sorry – one that keeps me sane and one that keeps me happy. My stopwatch because it’s my best friend and I need to know how fast or slow I am; and my phone to keep me connected both personally and professionally.

This article was featured in a special report commissioned and produced by UKFast.