Amazon launches WorkSpaces cloud solution

Amazon has launched a system called WorkSpaces that allows users to access virtual Windows 7 desktops  from their computers and tablets.


The WorkSpaces systems, which will run software including Microsoft Office (for Plus customers), web browsers, and Adobe Reader, will start from $35 per month.

Its client will run on Windows and Mac computers as well as iPad, Android, and Kindle tablets.

Amazon WorkSpaces general manager Gene Farrell said: “Over the past couple years, the new service customers have requested most frequently is a virtual cloud desktop service.

“They’ve been frustrated by the available options – traditional desktops that are hard to manage and keep secure, or virtual desktops that are expensive and deliver inconsistent performance.

“Amazon WorkSpaces aims to address these issues by offering secure, easy-to-manage, high-performance desktops in the cloud at a fraction of the price of traditional VDI.”

To find out more about the service, visit the Amazon WorkSpaces website.

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