Amazon launches big data streaming service

Amazon has launched a service called Kinesis that allows users to process big data in real time.


The firm, which also recently announced its WebSpaces virtual desktop service, says that Kinesis processes hundreds of terabytes of data every hour.

The company said in a blog post: “Amazon Kinesis is a managed service designed to handle real-time streaming of big data. It can accept any amount of data, from any number of sources, scaling up and down as needed.

“You can use Kinesis in any situation that calls for large-scale, real-time data ingestion and processing. Logs for servers and other IT infrastructure, social media or market data feeds, web clickstream data, and the like are all great candidates for processing with Kinesis.

It says that there is no limit to the rate or capacity of streams in applications powered by the solution.

The technology could be used by businesses to process large amounts of data on in areas like stock trading and logistics.

Like WebSpaces, Kinesis is now available in a limited preview. It is priced on a pay-as-you-go basis, depending on the amount of data processed.

To find out more, visit the Amazon Kinesis website.

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