70% believe office phones will be replaced by mobile devices

70% of IT professionals believe that office phones will eventually be replaced by mobile devices, according to a report.

74% of millenials, 69% of Generation X, and 66% of baby boomers surveyed said that smartphones and tablets would take over from traditional handsets.

Almost half said that desk phones would be replaced by mobile devices within three to five years.

The report also showed that 88% of IT workers use their mobile phones for work-related tasks in their personal time.

Broken down, this accounted for 84% of millenials, 90% of Generation X, and 87% of baby boomers surveyed.

RingCentral’s survey of 300 IT professionals also showed that nearly half use their mobile devices while beside their desk phones.

For more on the survey, see the RingCentral website.

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