Young employees 42% more likely to break BYOD rules

Employees aged between 21 and 32 are 42% more likely to break BYOD rules than their colleagues, according to a report.

Group of business people working at office

Fortinet’s survey found that while 45% said that company BYOD policies ‘empower’ them, more than half said they would break rules banning personal devices at work.

The survey of 3,200 young employees across 20 countries found that 70% of Dropbox users have used their personal accounts for work purposes.

Of these users, 12% said they stored company passwords, 16% uploaded financial information, 22% stored private documents, and 33% stored customer data.

14% even said that they wouldn’t tell their bosses if a BYOD device had been compromised.

For more on the survey, see the Fortinet website.

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