Four fifths of businesses now use Linux

More than four fifths of businesses are using the Linux operating system within their businesses, according to a report.

SUSE’s survey of 167 IT professionals found that 83% were using Linux within their companies, while over a third said that the use was ‘significant’.

Of the 17% who are not using the system, half said they planned to install Linux on their servers within the next year, or have not ruled it out.

SUSE’s vice president of global alliances and marketing Michael Miller said: “We knew Linux had come a long way in the 20 years SUSE has been in business, and we’re pleased that the data clearly shows just how far.

“The relevant question today is not why or when you should be using Linux, it’s where you should be using Linux. Enterprises that are not actively considering Linux as the foundation of their data center transformation or modernization initiatives are in danger of being left behind financially and technologically.”

The report also showed that the number one use of Linux within the businesses was on web servers, while security was the biggest consideration when moving across.

For more on the report, see the SUSE website.

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