Best of the Blogs: Big Data

Big on Data – ZDNet

ZDNet’s Andrew J. Brust, author of the Big on Data blog, has worked in the software industry for 25 years as a developer, consultant, entrepreneur and CTO, specializing in application development, databases and business intelligence technology.

Taking a more technical approach to Big Data, Brust looks at companies using data handling techniques and technologies such as SQL, BI and Predictive Analytics.

For big data to amount to a serious asset that business and operations can exploit, datacentres will have to take a long, hard look at infrastructure and architecture…

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Big Data Blog – Pervasive

Pervasive, the analytics and processing specialist company, maintains this informative blog which covers all aspects of big data, from industry developments on Apache’s Hadoop data processing suite to in-house thought leadership on the wider aspects of the Big Data suite.

Historically, standing between operations and analytics was the hulking amalgamation of extracted, transformed, and loaded data that anxiously awaited the queries of business users.  It was called the Data Warehouse (or sometimes the Data Outhouse).  But despite the valuable historical data stored in its slowly changing dimensions and transactional archives…

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Beautiful Data – Benedikt Koehler and Joerg Blumtritt

This visually appealing blog takes datasets from trending topics (for example, at the time of writing it is the US presidential election) and interprets them through a selection of visualisation techniques. But, as well as presenting pretty pictures, Koehler and Blumtritt explain what they’re doing and why they’re doing it as they go. Combining practical insights with interesting discussion, this blog is a great start for those interested in Big Data.

Just a few hours before the ballots open for the 57th presidential election, the key question for us data scientists is: which data set could really show some special information that would not be easily available through a classic poll. We have already seen some interesting correlations of Wikipedia usage with the ongoing campaign…

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What is Big Data? – IBM

Paul Zikipoulos of IBM discusses the nature of Big Data and offers a unified definition of an oft-misunderstood term, as well as outlining its importance to today’s businesses. (18 minutes)

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Big Data’s Big Issue: Where are all the data scientists coming from? – The Register

While not strictly a blog, this article from Mark Whitehorn, Chair of Analytics at Dundee University, breaks down the role of a data scientist into layman’s terms and gives useful background information into the training which he believes data scientists should receive. Useful for both CxOs and HR executives alike.

Plug “data scientist” into Google and it is clear the job title has finally come of age and, suddenly there is a huge skills shortage.

An oft-quoted source about this shortage is a McKinsey Global Institute study, here. This predicts a talent gap of 140,000 to 190,000 people by 2018 in the US alone…

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